Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Lancaster postpones Pro Mod Shootout until September

credit: Kankliang
Inclement weather forced Lancaster National Dragway to postpone the Pro Modified Shootout scheduled for Tuesday, June 6 until Tuesday, September 12. The decision was made on Monday rather than wait until later in the day Tuesday to accommodate race teams and fans that were traveling several hours for the event. 

"We didn't want teams loading up and getting ready to leave tomorrow, only to have to turn around if we called it later on Tuesday," said Tim Packman, Track President. "All weather forecasts are calling for rains starting overnight and continuing right through our start time. Add in temps in the high 50s and windy conditions and it makes for an unpleasant experience for all.” 

"With that said, if anyone has an in and/or a connection with Mother Nature, please feel free to share it with me. Heck, I'll even bake her some cookies if it will help us out with the weather."

This Friday will be the debut appearance of the Supercharged Bounty Hunters at Lancaster's 1/8-mile dragstrip as part of Franco's Pizza Friday Night Drag Racing. All for weekly classes will be in action, plus a special class just for Mopar vehicles as part of a special weekend for Mopars at Lancaster
On Saturday afternoon, Lancaster National Dragway will host Mopar Day presented by the WNY Mopar Club. The event begins at 1 p.m. Keep up with the action at

Quotes in this piece provided by Lancaster National Speedway & Dragway 

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