Monday, April 10, 2017

Ransomville to present Rookie of the Year award in 4 Bangers

4 Bangers in action
credit: Ransomville Speedway
The Gippsters Collision 4 Bangers at Ransomville Speedway will have new opportunities this season, including a divisional Rookie of the Year Award.

Gippsters Collision is back for their eighth season as the divisional sponsor for the 4 Banger division. Located at 1215 Balmer Road in Youngstown, Gippsters Collision is a full service repair shop repairing cars, trucks and SUV’s.

New this year for the Gippster’s Collision 4 Bangers is the class’ Rookie of the Year Award. Rookies Zachary Adams and Drew Westmoreland look to be the early front runners for this award. Another opportunity for drivers: during the track’s 60th Anniversary Celebration night on July 21, Ransomville Speedway will team up with 2011 track champion Jamie Woods to present a $50 hard charger award.

Started in 2009, the Gippsters Collision 4 Bangers gives drivers the opportunity to race on a low budget and get their feet wet in the sport; it also serves as a good stepping stone for drivers moving up from go-karts into a full-size stock car. Daryl Haag, Greg Watier, Marika Morris, Dave Sheehan, Austin Susice, Chris Leone and Cole Susice have all won Gippsters 4 Bangers divisional championships; Leone is the only two time divisional titlist going back to back in 2014 and 2015. 

4-cylinder racing at Ransomville goes back to the track’s early days as Chuck Stimson won the first Mini Stock championship in 1969. The Mini Stocks ran until the end of the 1976 season when Charlie Beale was the division’s champion. In 2007, speedway management started the Fireball division for local fire companies to come out and have fun and race against each other for bragging rights. Over the years, the Fireball division turned out champions such as Mark Brown (2007), Jim Stone (2008 and 2012), Jamie O’Donnell (2009), Jim Harbison (2010), Jamie Woods (2011) and Chris Leone (2013).

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